Electro-Voice RE320 Dynamic Vocal and Instrument Mic Recording Pack


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Testing 12. Youre listening to the iconic sound of the Electro-Voice RE320. This microphone is a workhorse. It was designed to be used specifically in all recording and broadcasting applications. Capture extremely low noise with the best possible tonal and transient response. This is clarity like youve never heard before. Your all-in-one solution to great sound. The RE320 is the definition of versatility. Ideal for live and studio applications. The unique dual-voicing switch helps you capture vocals and instruments in high-detail. With variable-d technology on board youll never have to worry about loss in quality due to proximity effect. Flawless audio guaranteed. The RE320 comes fully equipped with a handful of features to make your life easier. From its integral pop filter to its signature true cardioid polar pattern youll capture every detail from your source with excellent off-axis rejection of undesirable noise. This bundle also includes stand filter and cable.


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