Electro-Voice ND86 Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Stand and Cable


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Sleek detailed powerful. The Electro-Voice ND86 Dynamic Supercardioid Vocal Microphone will provide you with incredible acoustic control even in the largest of venues. Eliminate handling noise and mechanical vibrations through the dynamic microphones excellent 4-point suspension shock-mounting and tuned pneumatic pump. Thanks to the large-diaphragm design youll be presented with a microphone that offers incredible detail with a rich clear and balanced frequency response. Youll be able to take the ND86 anywhere. The stage microphone is constructed with a robust die-cast zinc handle with a dent-resistant Memraflex grille allowing the microphone to withstand the vigors of extensive touring. The capsule also contains a hydrophobic cloth membrane preventing moisture and debris from reaching the diaphragm and causing potential damage. The ND86 is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality with every single performance thanks to its reliable and versatile architecture. This bundle includes a stand and cable


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