AKG K812 Open-Back Reference Headphones


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Unadulterated auditory bliss. Built for the most pure and natural listening experience you can imagine. The flagship AKG K812 Open-Back Reference Headphones are a dream come true for professionals and audiophiles alike. They can reproduce even the most minute sonic details with astounding accuracy. These phenomenal headphones are the ideal companion for mixing mastering music production and high-fidelity listening. The K812s ooze premium quality. From the ergonomic open-mesh headband slow-retention ear pads and detachable cable with a rugged Lemo connector to the hard-wearing metal frame and intricate details. Every aspect of the AKG K812 Headphones is built with extreme care and precision. And with their low-impedance design using them with a wide range of playback devices is a breeze.


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