Neumann NDH 20 Closed Back Headphones – Nearly New


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Paving the way for Neumanns venture to the other side of the studio. The NDH 20 Studio Headphones mark the dawn of a Neumann-quality monitoring system for your ears only. Having worked tirelessly over the years to perfect the studio recording experience Neumann is unrivalled in its design of the microphone. But theyve moved onto other things. Headphones. Now they present an intimate monitoring experience with that same notorious dedication to the production of auditory excellence. The NDH 20s lead us into a brave new world. Ruthlessly focused on their work in the studio they are perfectly crafted to provide the ultimate sonic experience. State-of-the-art never seen before 1.5 drivers bring both high sensitivity and minimal distortion for a clean audio signal. They dont give you any of that unwanted colouration. Just pure unadulterated sound.


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