A Clapton Blueprint

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When I was learning to solo, there were a lot of licks and solos that I either couldn’t play, or couldn’t figure out by ear (remember, this was before the internet and TABs everywhere…)

But through the process of playing with bands and having to figure out something to play, I discovered that if I could figure out the general sounds and patterns…

I could probably figure out something to play that was pretty close to the original.

I had no idea how useful and important this skill was until much later, so I try to help my students develop it early on.

Which brings me to today’s video…

There’s a great video of Eric Clapton playing, “Further On Up The Road,” with The Band at their final concert (The Last Waltz)…

At the top of the tune, Clapton takes a 24 bar solo in G, and it’s a solid, no-nonsense solo that sounds like Clapton instantly.

But instead of transcribing that for you note for note, I’ve put together a blueprint of how that solo goes together, what the patterns are and what the though it behind each of the changes.

I encourage you to try and get something together that’s close enough but within your reach. You’ll be far better for the experience.

Click here for my chicken scratch notes in a PDF

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