Xvive Plug ‘n’ Play U3 Switchable 6 Channel Wireless System Available Now With Condenser Microphones

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With the addition on the new XU3C Wireless Condenser Microphone System with switchable 6 channel transmitter and receiver, the very popular Xvive U3 Plug ‘n’ Play wireless system is now available for both dynamic and condenser microphones.

Once again, the theme of the XU3C is for a no-fuss, easy to operate microphone wireless system, with features proving invaluable in a studio or live stage environment, and a performance that’s akin to wireless systems costing many times the price.

Operating on 2.4Ghz frequency range, and with an undetectable 5 millisecond latency response, both the XU3C transmitter and receiver are built to last with a compact, stylish, tough, robust plastic/metal construction.

This popular wireless system will deliver up to 7 hours of high-quality performance from a single 2.5 hour USB charge, with a line-of-sight range of 90ft (27.5m) and with a signal to noise ratio at 110dB, provides clear detailed audio at any volume.

Also available as separate items, the Xvive U3R Receiver, has been designed for use with either the Xvive U3 Dynamic Microphone Wireless System or the U3C Condenser Microphone Wireless System and, like the Xvive U3T wireless transmitter can also expand existing U3 systems or, as a replacement or backup receiver.

The versatility of these unique products abounds, as the receiver itself can toggle between two transmitter sources by changing from the channel of one, to the channel of the other, whilst two receivers connected to one U3T transmitter, allows a wireless microphone signal to be sent to two individual destinations, mixers, powered monitors or recording equipment for example.

Each unit features a balanced XLR connection, Power buttons, USB charging port, blue LED six channel status, whilst the transmitter includes addition Mute button and 12v/48v switching.

Available now and specifically designed for use with condenser microphones the XU3C switchable 6 channel wireless system, is the perfect solution when high-quality, high-fidelity performance is required for wirelessly miking vocals, guitar cabs and instruments at gigs, public speakers at presentations or within professional video production.

Xvive XU3C Condenser Wireless Microphone system: £289 rrp                                                                                             Xvive U3R Wireless Microphone Receiver: £149 rrp
Xvive U3T Wireless Microphone Transmitter: £149 rrp


Xvive is distributed in the UK & ROI exclusively by JHS.

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