Top 30 Best Rolling Stones Songs for Guitar

Last Updated on March 14, 2020 by Klaus Crow

Growin’ up as a kid my oldest brother played me the records of the Rolling Stones, John Mellencamp, John Hiatt, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many other great musicians. I am forever grateful he did. He showed me a world I would indulge in every minute of the day.

The Rolling Stones and The Beatles (the latter I came to appreciate later on) both shaped the music of the 20th century. The Stones’ classic albums Sticky fingers and Exile on Main street are still a source of inspiration for true rock ‘n roll musicians today.

As new guitar players and students dive into the 21th century and become practicers of the instrument they will be influenced by great bands, artists and musicians. It’s important they know music that breathes authenticity, real instruments and pure timeless art. The sound and feel that comes from those Rolling Stones records is what that music compasses.

Searching videos for this post was a great joy with moments of bliss. Listening and watching the Stones’ live performances and video clips made me pick up the guitar instantly. That’s what good music does. I hope it does the same for you.

I always point out that these lists are in no particular order, nor are they complete. I create them to inspire you to practice, play, create, nourish your musical soul and bring out your inner artist.

The song titles in the list below contain a YouTube link to the song, and the Applemusic Spotify and Amazonmusic logo’s direct you straight to the song in the associated apps. The Chords links show you to the chords and lyrics of the song.

Enjoy the hell out of it!

1 – AngieChords

2 – SatisfactionChords

3 – Wild horsesChords

4 – Paint it blackChords

5 – Brown sugarChords

6 – Waiting on a friendChords

7 – Ruby TuesdayChords

8 – Beast of burdenChords

9 – You can’t alway get what you wantChords

10 – Gimme shelterChords

11 – Tumblin’ diceChords

12 – Under my thumbChords

13 – Street fighting manChords

14 – Honky tonk womanChords

15 – Play with fireChords

16 – Time is on my side Chords

17 – Jumpin’ jack flashChords

18 – The last timeChords

19 – It’s only rock ‘n rollChords

20 – Can’t you hear me knocking Chords

21 – As tears go byChords

22 – Out of timeChords

23 – Not fade awayChords

24 – It’s all over nowChords

25 – Mother’s little helperChords

26 – Lady JaneChords

27 – Sympathy for the devilChords

28 – Rocks offChords

29 – Miss you Chords

30 – Dead flowersChords

If you’re interested in the full guitar TAB transcriptions for 50 early Stones classics check out the book below.

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What is your favorite Rolling Stones song or record? Let me know in the comments below. I appreciate it.