Top 30 Best Beatles Guitar Songs of All Time

Last Updated on March 6, 2020 by Klaus Crow

Top 30 Best Beatles Guitar Chord Songs of all Time

Today we have 30 of the best songs from the most popular band of all time “The Beatles”. These songs are indispensable in the learning journey of every guitar student who wants to become an accomplished, allround pop musician.

From beautiful fingerpicking ballads, heavenly chord progressions, to icon rock ‘n roll tunes. It’s all here. Unlike a lot of popular music these days, not one song in this list sounds the same. They are all unique pieces of art with their own signature style.

Listen and learn from the musical legends Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison. Practice and study their ingenious guitar composition skills and beautiful song melodies. There is a treasure of musical craftsmanship to learn from their repertoire. Soak it all up.

If you’re curious what kind of guitars The Beatles used for their recordings check out this extensive list of Instruments specific to Rubber Soul sessions.

Note: This list is in no particular order and far from complete. I create these lists to inspire and motivate, to make you pick up your guitar and explore the boundless creativity that music holds.

The song titles in the list below contain a YouTube link to the song, the Applemusic & Spotify links direct you straight to the song in the associated apps. I hope you like that. Finally the Chords links show you to the chords of the song.


1 – BlackbirdApplemusicSpotifyChords

2 – YesterdayApplemusicSpotifyChords

3 – Here comes the sunApplemusicSpotifyTabsChords

4 – MichelleApplemusicSpotifyChords

5 – While my guitar gently weepsApplemusicSpotifyChords

6 – Let it beApplemusicSpotifyChords

7 – Get backApplemusicSpotifyChords

8 – Norwegian woodApplemusicSpotifyTabsChords

9 – Hey JudeApplemusicSpotifyChords

10 – Paperback writerApplemusicSpotifyChords

11 – Nowhere manApplemusicSpotifyChords

12 – She loves youApplemusicSpotifyChords

13 – Strawberry fields foreverApplemusicSpotifyChords

14 – Day tripperApplemusicSpotify Chords

15 – Help!ApplemusicSpotifyChords

16 – Penny LaneApplemusicSpotifyChords

17 – We can work it outApplemusicSpotifyChords

18 – SomethingApplemusicSpotifyChords

19 – Can’t buy me loveApplemusicSpotifyChords

20 – Eight days a weekApplemusicSpotifyChords

21 – You’ve got to hide your love awayApplemusicSpotifyChords

22 – A hard days nightApplemusicSpotifyChords

23 – I feel fineApplemusicSpotifyChords

24 – I want to hold your handApplemusicSpotifyChords

25 – Back in the USSRApplemusic SpotifyChords

26 – Helter skelterApplemusicSpotifyChords

27 – Dear prudenceApplemusicSpotifyChords

28 – RevolutionApplemusicSpotifyChords

29 – Rocky RaccoonApplemusicSpotifyTabsChords

30 – Come togetherApplemusicSpotifyTabs/Chords

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What is your favorite Beatles guitar song? Do you like the Apple Music and Spotify links that I added to the list? Who’s your favorite Beatles composer? Please share any comments you have below. I appreciate it.