Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer with Decksaver Cover


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Harmonize vocode and more with this powerful vocal processor. The Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer allows you to explore the depths of your vocal abilities with its versatile effects processor. The VT-4 Voice Transformer allows you to utilise your voice like the instrument it is. It allows you to implement effects such as harmonizing vocoding pitch shifting and hard tuning. Not only is it great for vocalists but it can be used for beatboxing and live performances. The wide variety of genre-defying effects spans retro sounds to cutting-edge vocal effects. The quick-trigger effect buttons and flexible controls allow you to take full advantage of your voice. Also included is a dedicated Decksaver cover specially designed for the Roland AIRA VT-4. Decksaver covers provide great protection from dust liquid and accidental impact – using them means you get ample security from the dangers of the road. Dont settle for less.


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