Pioneer RB-LD4 rekordbox DJ Licence


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Take your DJing to the next level. The Pioneer RB-LD4 rekordbox DJ Licence lets you explore the powerful and intuitive DJ software. rekordbox DJ is the expanded and most comprehensive version of the rekordbox software providing you with an array of performance features including a wide range of FX and even a sampler. With its low-latency performance high-end audio quality its easy to see why rekordbox is a favourite of many legendary DJs. You can build your music library and arrange sets beforehand so you never miss a trick whilst performing. It also frees you up to get technical with your mixing adding a range of FX and even incorporating your own custom sounds. It even includes the ability to dual-screen the program so you can one screen for browsing and the other for performance controls. You can also record your sets directly to your laptop/computer using the software allowing you to capture your mixes at the touch of a button.


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