Numark NTX1000 Turntable and Scratch Mixer Bundle


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Scratch and mix with precision. The Numark NTX1000 Turntable and Scratch Mixer Bundle pairs two NTX100 turntables with the Numark Scratch 2-channel DJ mixer. The Numark NTX1000 is a professional-grade high-torque direct-drive turntable that features an S-shaped tonearm for optimal tracking. The Numark NTX100 Direct-Drive Turntable boasts a full-size platter and a direct-drive motor with high-torque for added performance value. The S-shaped tonearm is not only great for tracking but you can also adjust the height of the arm itself. The Numark Scratch Mixer provides you with everything you need to take your sets to the next level. Boasting a wide variety of controls including software-based effects two types of crossfading a great sounding filter for each channel and of course eight responsive performance pads.


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