Laney LX15B 15W 2×5 Bass Combo


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The Laney LX15B 15W 2×5 Combo Amp is perfect for achieving huge Laney tones in a highly portable package. Featuring two separate 5″ speakers the LX15B delivers a wider sound and projection than the usual practice amps and with a greater range of tones. A 3-band EQ plus shape switch lets you dial in the tones to exactly how you like with the Shape option giving you a great “go to” setting to optimise your sound. The in-built compressor acts to smooth out your sound and add punch to the overall tone. The LX15B also includes a headphone output which is ideal for silent late-night practice sessions alongside an AUX input for plugging in you own music to play along with. This is a portable amp with great tone and several useful features which will be perfect for practising and taking to small band rehearsals and gigs.


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