Laney A-SOLO Acoustic Combo


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Compact with professional quality. The Laney A-SOLO Acoustic Combo is perfect for life on-the-go. Its designed specifically to bring you a pure and pristine amplified acoustic tone. Whether you have a regular weekend slot play bigger stages or simply still mastering your performance in the comfort of home – the A-SOLO has you covered.Laneys A-SOLO Acoustic Combo features two independent channels with EQ and FX control. Allowing you to play around with your tone and find your preferred sound that complements your persona and your playing style. With 60 watts of power and an 8 custom coaxial driver your sound is clear and clean. And with built-in feedback elimination you never have to worry about nasty noise and unwanted screams. Passionate about performance? Its time to get professional with the Laney A-SOLO.


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