Hughes & Kettner Soft Bag for Black Spirit 200 Head


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The ultimate protection. The Hughes & Kettner Soft Bag for Black Spirit 200 Head is the perfect way to keep your amp safe and protected from the elements. Whether you place your amp head in storage put it to one side or transport it to your next gig it will always be susceptible to dust damage and general wear and tear. But with the Hughes & Kettner Soft Bag your Black Spirit 200 will look fresh and ready to perform anytime. Made to snugly fit the Black Spirit 200 the Soft Bag also comes with a large accessory pouch to house all your guitar and amp equipment. Your accessories will be wherever you and your bag go. To make carry the amp head even more simple and easy you also have a shoulder strap to keep your hands free to carry other things or open doors – one of the worst culprits for damaging equipment.


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