How to Play Guitar Step by Step


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Calling all guitar heroes! Put your air guitars down and learn the real thing with this essential visual guide to guitar greatness.From Jimi Hendrix to Ed Sheeran, every guitar player had to start somewhere and now it’s your turn. Covering both acoustic and electric guitars, this book takes you all the way in an easy step-by-step format. First you’ll choose your instrument before reading guitar tab and learning how to use amplifiers and effects. Ten professional lessons go from tuning and strumming for beginners to advanced techniques for experienced musicians, including fingerpicking and two-handed tapping. Along the way you’ll pick up guitar theory including rhythm, chords, scales, and soloing, as well as fine-tuning your playing for blues, pop, rock, jazz, and much, much more.If you’re dreaming of stardom, How to Play Guitar Step by Step gives top tips on forming a band, making a recording, improving stage performance, and playing live gigs. The book’s accompanying DVD ensures you hit all the right notes.If this sounds like music to your ears, grab the guide and get going.The accompanying DVD may not be compatible with your computer’s current operating system. Please visit


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