Dunlop Maintenance Tool Kit Bass Complete Set-Up


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Show your bass you love her. The Dunlop Maintenance Tool Kit Bass Complete Set-Up has everything you need to take extra special care of your beloved instrument. Its got a gig light to help you easily set up on dark stages as well as string cutters to help you easily chop through those chunky strings when youre changing them. Theres a micro fret cloth for polishing as well as cleaner-polish for making every inch of your beautiful bass sparkle and shine. Nothing has been left out. You can use the quality screwdriver if youre delving into your basss insides or adjusting any screws. A string action gauge allows you to adjust your action to optimum levels so you can play in comfort and style. On top of this theres fret collars a Superlube gel pen multi-tool and string winder. Your bass will look feel and sound better than ever before. But more importantly it will also feel loved.


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