DD90 DigiPad Sampler with Attachment and Clamp by Gear4music


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Unlock profound possibilities. The DD90 is a simple way to give yourself more options. A lot more. Starting with a base of 30 preset kits you can then use USB and MIDI connectors to enter a world of infinite musical possibilities. From VSTs to samples you have recorded yourself so if you wanted a pad to trigger any imaginable sound – youve got it to hand.That broadness of creative freedom can be put to use anywhere you need it. Because the DD90 has a compact form factor – it could easily fit in your backpack to be used as a portable electronic drum pad. Handy in the studio and a revelation for drummers looking to make their drum kit transform into a hybrid setup. The DD90 really is one of the most versatile pieces of gear any producer or musician could hope to have.


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