DAddario DIY Solderless Pedalboard Power Cable Kit


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No need to solder on. The DAddario DIY Solderless Pedalboard Power Cable Kit solves one of the guitarists most prominent issues: cable length. Typically most patch and instrument cables come in a single predetermined size which can limit your options when placing your pedals and guitars. With this kit you get to choose exactly how long you make your cables – without having to solder anything at all. You simply screw the plugs into either end of your cut wire and youve got a working cable. Coming with a mini cable cutter screwdriver and handy cable tester this kit contains everything you need to get started immediately. The cable tester ensures that the cables are properly connected to the plugs before you screw them in so you can always get it right. With 20 of cable you can get your entire rig in order in no time with this super useful state of the art power cable kit.


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