Coppergate Adjustable Cup Mute For Trumpet and Cornet by Gear4music


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Looking to soften your tone? The Coppergate adjustable cup mute for trumpet and cornet by Gear4music is a cost-effective way to experiment with the tone of your instrument. But just because its low-priced doesnt mean its low quality. Just like professional mutes the Gear4music cup mute is meticulously machined from spun aluminium to guarantee perfect intonation and resistance. Thanks to the adjustable cup this mute can be tailored to produce a variety of tones simply by moving the cup forward of backwards. Perfect for all musical settings the Coppergate cup mute is ideal for brass bands big bands and orchestras. At the top of the mute youll find three cork strips which hold the mute in place. Theres even a felt wrap around the end of the mute to protect the bell of your instrument.


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