Behringer System 100 182 Analog Sequencer


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A sequencer for every occasion. The Behringer System 100 182 Analog Sequencer is a powerful unit with either dual 8 steps or 1-16 steps. The System 100 182 allows the user to manually set CVs for each step which allows for different components of the sequence to have different voltages and therefore different tonal characteristics. Tempo gate and portamento time controls allow the user to create interesting and varied sequences. The step number selector and series switch allows for a sequence length between 1 and 16 steps. This means that complex 16 step sequencers can be created with ease. A toggle switch allows these to be played through once or repeated which is ideal for outputting the System 100 182 into further modular components. For further integration with your modular setup the System 100 182 can be clocked externally via CV and triggered via the start/stop button.


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