Behringer FBQ6200HD 31-Band Stereo Graphic EQ


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High-definition sound with an intuitive design. The Behringer FBQ6200HD 31-Band Graphic EQ is your ticket to perfectly-optimised performance. With 31 bands of audiophile-grade equalisation and Behringers revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection system you can adapt your sound to suit the needs of any application. Use both channels as a stereo EQ or use each channel in mono to equalise two separate systems simultaneously. The FBQ6200HD boasts a handy pink noise generator so that you can create test signals to configure your system for any room acoustics. Plus with a mono subwoofer output complete with a dedicated level control and adjustable crossover frequency you can dial in the perfect low end to suit any environment. Combined with additional filters precise metering and high-quality protection you can perform with confidence using a system that sounds phenomenal at all times.


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