Behringer FBQ1000 Feedback Destroyer


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Feedback can really ruin a performance. So get rid of it with the Behringer FBQ1000 Feedback Destroyer. Boasting an intuitive design with a default Set-and-forget setting and intelligent Auto mode you can get rid of detrimental feedback in an instant with quick and easy operation. Auto mode continuously monitors your mix and automatically sets up to 24 ultra-narrow filters removing feedback whilst maintaining the highest sound quality. If you want to take matters into your own hands simply switch to Manual mode and utilise up to 24 fully-parametric filters. Each filter provides you with Frequency Bandwidth and Gain parameters so you can easily optimise your live sound for any situation. And with its rugged construction combined with Behringers 3-year warranty program the FBQ1000 is sure to provide you with years of reliable feedback destruction.


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