Behringer 2600 Analog Synthesizer


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Classic 2600-style sound and design. The Behringer 2600 Analog Synthesizer takes its inspiration from a legendary vintage synthesizer retaining the same tonal character that made the original so sought-after. The Behringer 2600 brings a classic back to life working alongside revered synth engineer Rob Keeble to stay true to the original sound. Whilst staying true to the original design the Behringer 2600 utilises modern technology to bring the synth into the modern era. This was done by balancing the original circuit designs with newer module versions to give the synth a modern sound that echoes the originals sonic characteristics. The Behringer 2600 employs two filter types with the classic ladder filter from the earlier versions and a more resonant and aggressive filter found in later synth designs. It features three VCOs as well as an envelope follower and ring modulator. It also boasts a versatile VCA section an integrated voltage processor and a sample & hold section for unprecedented sound design capabilities. Please Note: This is a BRAND NEW product more info coming soon.


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