Audio Technica ATH-PRO7X On-Ear Headphones


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Comfortable fit. Excellent sound. The Audio Technica ATH-PRO7X On-Ear Headphones are a workhorse. Thanks to their robust 45mm drivers and 2000mW of input power theyll provide you with excellent sound reproduction – even at high volumes. The high quality build ensures youll be able to perform and listen to music for extended period of times without feeling fatigue. Thanks to the inclusion of soft earpads and a cushioned headband youll be provided with maximum comfort. The ATH-PRO7Xs rugged build is able to withstand the hardships of live performance. Ensure no embarrassing moments thanks to the detachable locking cables providing a strong and stable connection whilst performing. Youll be able to connect with your fans thanks to their on-ear design allowing you to hear your surroundings.


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