Ashdown ABM 115-PN Lightweight 300w 1×15 8 Ohm Bass Cab


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Function and class. Brought together for the ultimate sonic experience. Introducing the ABM 115-PN. Ashdown have created a cab that every serious bass player will want to get their hands on. Whether you need tight bottom end punchy mids or crisp highs this tonal giant has got you covered. Take full advantage of one custom 15″ Blueline speaker and get ready to blow everyone away. Playing that wont go unnoticed. Whether youre gigging on the local circuit or tearing up the international stage the Ashdown ABM 115-PN is fully equipped to get you heard. Harness a huge 300w of power pushing your riffs through the mix with ease. No matter what genre you love this versatile bass cab will bring you unrivalled tone thats as pristine as your playing. From rumbling lows to crystalline highs the ABM 115-PN packs a well-balanced punch. Built from high-end birch plywood this is a cab that resonates with harmonic excellence. But the lightweight construction doesnt just benefit the sound. Equipped with a rugged covering metal corners and a steel grille youll never have to worry about damages affecting your performance. This is the definition of small and mighty.


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