AKG PT45 Band D (ISM) Wireless Bodypack Transmitter – Nearly New


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The AKG PT45 Band D (ISM) Wireless Bodypack Transmitter is a compact and sturdy bodypack solution. The PT45 is designed for hassle-free wireless transmission and is perfectly suited for use with instruments such as guitars and basses as well as other instrumental pickups and wireless microphones. The bodypacks lightweight and portable design provides an unobtrusive and robust solution for transmitting your wireless signal to your receiver. Not only is it an incredibly convenient tool for live musicians but it is also ideal for public speaking houses of worship theatre applications and much more. An integrated gain control as well as a battery-status indicator provide added convenience whilst the included MKG L instrument cable allows for instant connectivity to your instrumentation. The PT45 is powered by a single AA-sized battery providing up to 8 hours of operation.


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