Pearl Launch Low-End and Mid-Range Upgrades and New Finishes

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Pearl Drums are excited to announce product updates enhancing their Low-End and Midrange Category, specifically the Export and Decade Maple ranges.

New Hardware Pack for DMP/EXX

The Decade Maple and Export series now feature two Boom Stands, included in the new 834 Hardware Pack, offering even greater value for money.

The 834 Hardware Pack replaces the previous configuration of one boom stand and one straight stand.

Boom stands offer flexible cymbal placement for precise, comfortable, and efficient setups.

Export’s New Finishes

The range of Pearl Export finishes will be enhanced by incorporating three additional options, ensuring a broader selection to meet various preferences.

The Ultimate EXX Bundle

A more complete package than ever, now equipped with the new 834 Hardware Pack and Sabian SBR Cymbals.

The Decade Maple is still available in five finishes, four configurations, and now also includes the upgraded 834 Hardware Package.

Roadshow Series Updates

The Roadshow drum kit introduces an exciting new finish in #747 Matte Red, expanding its aesthetic appeal, along with a new configuration option.

The #747 Matte Red finish of the Roadshow drum kit offers beginners an exciting start, blending eye-catching style with practicality.

The new configuration, which adds an additional 14″ floor tom, offers drummers even more choices and a more complete package.

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