New Cymbal Company Royal Cymbals is Launched in Massachusetts

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Paul Francis, with thirty-five years of cymbal making experience, and Sarah Hagan, with twenty years of experience in cymbal sounds, marketing, branding, and relationship building, have launched Royal Cymbals!

Paul Francis spent decades learning everything there is to know about cymbal making, earning an engineering degree, and inventing countless techniques, sounds, and breakthrough cymbal models. Paul became known as one of the premier cymbal makers in the world. He created the Cymbal Craftsman boutique line of cymbals and set up a cymbal custom shop, which includes modifications and fully customized cymbal offerings. Paul has now teamed up with Sarah Hagan to launch the Royal Cymbal Company to encompass standard cymbal models, as well as the Cymbal Craftsman custom shop.

Sarah Hagan spent decades building relationships, and learning everything possible about cymbal sounds and drummers’ sonic needs. While working with the world’s top drummers, and seeking out and signing the best up-and-coming artists, she also lent her ears and a musician’s perspective to the cymbal creation process. In 2000, Sarah launched a consulting company, working with top brands in the drum industry and created a drumming podcast called Sarah Hagan Backstage, eventually partnering with other drumming podcasters to create The Drum Click, the world’s first drum podcast network.

Over the years, Paul and Sarah have worked together, along with the world’s greatest drummers, to create many of the modern cymbal sounds you hear in live music and on countless recordings. They will continue to do this with Royal Cymbals!

Paul commented, “At Royal Cymbals we are taking the 400-year-old tradition of cymbal making into the future. If you can think it, we can make it. Whether you play drums in your basement or on the world’s biggest stages, we are going to help you craft your sound.” Sarah continued with this this theme, saying, “Utilizing our combined 55 years of cymbal sound expertise, we will take your sound ideas and create an instrument that you will love. Within our lines of Royal Cymbals, including the custom-made Cymbal Craftsman cymbals, we offer you a full range of sound colours, and we will also modify your current cymbals to better fit your needs.”

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