How Plugging your Keyboard into the iPhone/iPad will Help You Learn Faster

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Skoove has made playing in acoustic mode an exceptional experience, however you can still get even more out of your piano lessons! Plug your keyboard into the iPhone or iPad and watch your Skoove experience improve in the following ways!

(For more information on how to connect your keyboard and device see our FAQs.)

Better Note Detection

While our audio detection in acoustic mode is great, by connecting your keyboard to your iOS device, Skoove can provide you with quicker and more accurate performance feedback. This means that you can play along more fluidly with no need to worry about time lags. For more information on how plugging in provides better and more accurate feedback, keep reading.

Enhanced Feedback

Once you’ve got the hang of the song, timing really starts to count. By connecting your keyboard to the device you will receive enhanced feedback during “Play Along Mode” specifically regarding your musical timing. Check out our colour coded system below.

The Colour Coding System

If you see red it means that you played the wrong note or no note at all during the required time window. You can check the keyboard on screen to see where exactly you went wrong. If you’re having trouble reading the notes refer to our sight reading course for help. You’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Yellow means you got the note right but didn’t play at the right time. You’re on the right track but pay close attention to your tempo! Count the beats in your head and be sure not to rush. You can also try to practice with a metronome.

And of course if you see green, you’re doing great! Go through the song a few more times and then you’ll be ready to move on to the next lesson.

So Get Connected

Take advantage of these advanced features by connecting your keyboard to your iOS device today. See our FAQ section in the app for more information on how to connect.

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