Drumming in High Fidelity: Will Taylor’s Transition to using ACS Custom In Ear Monitors

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In the ever-evolving world of live drumming, the landscape has witnessed a transformative shift, with drummers embracing technology to enhance their performance. One groundbreaking advancement leading this charge is the widespread adoption of In-Ear Monitor (IEM). In 2023, more drummers than ever are making the switch, revolutionising the way they experience and deliver their craft on stage. 

The Rise of In Ear Monitors: 

Traditionally, live drummers relied on floor monitors to hear themselves and their bandmates during performances. However, the limitations of this setup, including poor audio quality, stage noise interference, and lack of personalisation, prompted a quest for a more refined solution. Enter In Ear Monitors – compact audio devices that provide personalised sound directly into the drummer’s ears, creating a sonic haven amidst the chaos of the stage. 

Custom Fit Soft Silicon In Ear Monitors by ACS Custom:

Among the myriad of In Ear Monitors on the market, ACS Custom’s Custom Fit Soft Silicon IEMs stand out as a game-changer for drummers looking to elevate their performance. These IEMs offer a bespoke fit, ensuring maximum comfort and noise isolation, allowing drummers to focus solely on their music without distractions. The exceptional benefits of ACS Custom IEMs extend beyond comfort, delving into the realm of unparalleled sound quality and clarity. 

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Why ACS Custom?: 

Professional drummer Will Taylor, known for his extensive experience and dynamic performances, attests to the transformative power of ACS Custom In Ear Monitors. In his own words, “Acs in ear monitors have been a saving grace these past two years.” Taylor specifically highlights the Engage Classic dual drivers as his weapon of choice, emphasising the night-and-day difference in sound quality and the impeccable seal compared to generic brands. 

The ACS Advantage for Drummers: 

Drummers like Taylor, who demand precision and reliability, find solace in ACS Custom IEMs. The tailored fit ensures a secure seal, blocking out ambient noise and allowing drummers to immerse themselves fully in their music. The fatigue-free experience ensures that even after rigorous tours, drummers return with their ears intact and their passion undiminished. 

Beyond the Stage: 

ACS Custom doesn’t stop at IEMs. Will Taylor extends his appreciation to ACS’s moulded earplugs, which have become an integral part of his teaching, rehearsing, and live performances. The earplugs contribute to a healthy hearing regimen, crucial for drummers exposed to prolonged periods of drumming sounds. Taylor emphasises the importance of hearing protection for both himself and his students, advocating for a proactive approach to preserving one’s hearing. 


As the drumming community embraces the future of live performances, ACS Custom In Ear Monitors emerge as an indispensable tool for drummers seeking to redefine their experience on stage. With the seal of approval from seasoned professionals like Will Taylor, ACS Custom proves itself not only as a brand but as a sonic ally, elevating drummers to new heights of precision, comfort, and performance excellence. It’s time to let the beat resonate, crystal clear, with ACS Custom In Ear Monitors leading the way. 

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