Dating with AeroBand

“A cup of coffee?”


“Oh, dear, you’ve stood me up twice, which really upsets me. That’s unfair! Where are you going?”

“Dating with AeroBand. Honestly, PocketDrum and PocketGuitar are more attractive than staying with you”

“Fair enough, where can I buy the same instruments as yours?”

“Deals are done. Click here: AeroBand. Love you so much”

Pocket Drum

Pocket Drum

Pocket Guitar

Pocket Guitar

Last month, my bestie bought me PocketDrum from AeroBand, my first musical instrument as a gift for my 25th birthday. Since then, I’m completely obsessed with it. It’s easy to start and there are three different modes provided as well, game mode, free mode as well as tutorial mode.

I personally cannot stop learning more, so this time I bought another little monster, two sets of PocketGuitar to update my PocketDrum. I have to say they are so cool! After attaching the two PocketGuitar as two feet sensors on my feet, the left one is recognized as Hi-Hat, and the right one is recognized as Bass drum.


“My life would suck without AeroBand!”

“Let’s play together!”

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