LR Baggs Align Series Delay Pedal


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Dont delay. Or rather do as the LR Baggs Align Series Delay Pedal offers you a universe of delightful delay to play with. Built to complement the natural tone of your acoustic youll find that it fits perfectly with your music especially given that you can control the effect with ease. With multiple control dials to give you complete mastery over your delays tone and strength youll be able to explore a wide range of sounds which can help your music evolve. Built for acoustics. Using a combination of analogue and digital elements youll find that you can introduce a huge range of delay types to your acoustic songs. This means youll be well equipped to expand and diversify your sound as you see fit adding just the right amount and type of delay. If youre after a high quality acoustic delay effect with more than enough dynamism and tone you need look no further than the Align Series Delay Pedal.