LR Baggs Align Series Chorus Pedal


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Make your guitar sing. The professional high quality LR Baggs Align Series Chorus Pedal is here to take your ears on a sonic adventure. It will add a richness and divine melodic quality to everything you play on your acoustic whether strumming chords or plucking individual notes. As such youll find that you can explore new musical avenues and add a little extra magic to your songs at the press of a button. Dynamic and delightful. This is one well rounded acoustic chorus pedal as it has multiple control dials with which you can shape the effect and your overall sound. Whether youre after a subtle singing effect behind your notes or a full blown orchestra of guitars youll be able to dial in the effect you want with incredible ease. Add in the fact that this pedal will not degrade your signal at all and youve got one outstanding chorus effect.