Ashdown Woodsman Acoustic Pre Amp Pedal with Reverb


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The Ashdown Woodsman Acoustic Pre Amp Pedal is loaded with features that many acoustic guitarists crave in order to achieve a live sound that is as good quality as their studio sound. The Woodsman Acoustic Pedal has a reverb effect for a more colourful performance. The Ashdown Acoustic Pre Amp Pedal is equipped with dual inputs for instrument and microphone enabling the player apply the effect to their guitar and vocals at the same time. With an input assignable reverb switch you are able to apply it to an independent channel of your choice; meaning you can add it to your guitar vocals or both together. This new addition of reverb for NAMM 2018 provides guitarists with more versatile tonal possibilities. A handy balanced DI output is also on board the Woodsman Pedal which allows your signal to run straight into the PA and therefore removing the need for a separate DI box. The Ashdown Woodsman Acoustic Pedal also features a notch filter high and low (bass/treble) EQ rotary controls Notch Frequency Control a Pre/Post Switch and finally a true bypass mute.