AKG C414-XLS/ST Condenser Microphone Stereo Pair – Nearly New


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Engineered for engineers. Theres a reason the C414 has been a studio mainstay since 1971. The AKG C414-XLS Condenser Microphone Stereo Pair delivers a combination of versatility detail and sound quality like few other microphones can. Every subtlety and nuance in your source audio is captured flawlessly by the C414 with pristine reproduction and almost no self noise. A single mic for any recording application. The C414 XLS maintains the legendary AKG standard for sound adding a variable polar pattern pad and high pass filter to adapt the mic to any situation. A total of nine polar patterns are achievable by the simple switch on the front of the mic. Why buy nine different microphones when the C414 can do it all? AKGs factory matching process ensures the stereo pair is as close as they can be. The closer the mics are in a stereo pair the better the stereo image. With the AKG C414 Stereo Pair you can be sure of impressive stereo imaging time after time.