Tsakalis Audio launches the MultiCab MK3 cab simulator & preamp


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Tsakalis Multi Cab

Tsakalis Audio Works has launched its new preamp/cab-sim pedal, entailed the MultiCab Mk3. The unit combines elements of analogue and digital modelling to simulate natural room ambience, speaker response and cabinet characteristics.

The unit itself comes with a series of versatile I/O connections – allowing you to route the quarter-inch input to a through out, a balanced XLR out, a line out and a headphone out. There’s also an auxiliary input to make using the unit for practice easier. Thanks to this extensive set of connections, Tsakalis Audio notes a number of possible use-cases for the pedal:

  • On a pedalboard as a preamp or direct amp rig
  • Between your amp and cabinet as an amp DI box, connecting the speaker output of your amp to the IN of the MultiCab MK3 and your cabinet to the ‘through’ output of the pedal, and then from connecting the XLR or line out to the PA or a mixer.
  • After a dummy load box to play cranked-amp sounds at reasonable levels through monitors or headphones.

The pedal’s controls consist of four knobs and four three-way selector switches. The smaller knobs control the overall volume, the amount of room ambience and the tonal character of the preamp section, while the large central selector knob chooses one of the unit’s eight cabinets.

The selector switches allow for a choice of mic style, closed, open or semi-open cabinets, the type of power amp simulation and the type of preamp simulation. Both the preamp and power amp sections can also be turned off.

The unit was first announced at NAMM 2020, and is now available to order for €259.99. Find out more here.

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