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Strymon new pedal tease via Twitter

Over social media, Strymon has teased a brand new space-themed pedal which it plans to unveil this Wednesday, 17 September 2020.

The most recent image post was shared earlier today (14 September), and follows two previous ones that arrived on Friday (11 September) and Sunday (13 September).

The latest image shows the pedal photographed in the dark and showcase its LEDs. Eight lights positioned in the center hint the presence of a step sequencer on the pedal. Take a look below.

Stars?Sept 17, 8pm PT

Posted by Strymon on Sunday, September 13, 2020

Meanwhile, the second image showed that the pedal will be housed in the larger of Strymon’s usual enclosures. From its silhouette, it can be seen that the pedal will feature multiple ins-and-outs, which are likely to be stereo inputs and outputs and perhaps an expression input.

If the pedal follows in the footsteps of other large-enclosure Strymon devices – like the Big Sky, Volante, Mobius and Timeline – then it’s also likely that it will have three footswitches.

Some have noted that the image’s blue tint may be in reference to the brand’s Blue and Big Sky pedals, which have blue enclosures.

The very first teaser shared by Strymon was an image of a starry night sky, which fans have also linked to the name of the ‘Sky’ range of reverb pedals.

Strymon will be revealing its brand-new pedal over Facebook this Wednesday at 8pm Pacific Time. Stay tuned for it here.

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