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Searches for Hello Kitty Strats are trending on gear-selling website Reverb, and the average used price has more than doubled since 2019.

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For some weird reason, the internet is going nuts for a Hello Kitty Strat. The face of the popular Sanrio character first created in the 1970s was slapped on the body of a Fender Stratocaster back in 2006, through its budget-friendly Squier brand.

These models were of course marketed towards young girls, and were discontinued a few years later. However, Reverb has shared in a new article that searches for the adorable kitty-branded guitars have been trending.

“A little while back, we here at Reverb noticed ‘Hello Kitty’ pop up in our search data. ‘Hmm, must be some kind of glitch’, we thought,” the article reads. “But we recently checked our Price Guide graph for the guitars and yowza. Guess people really are interested.”

It continues, “Since December 2019, the average used price for the Hello Kitty Strat has more than doubled, going from around $275 then to more than $700 last month.” According to Reverb, some users are optimistically listing their used HK Strats for $1000.

Just take a look at the price graph from Reverb below:


Reverb concludes this spike in Hello Kitty searches is due to a YouTuber by the name of TheDooo, who uploads videos of himself playing a Hello Kitty Strat on video chats where he tricks people by pretending to be a beginner, before showcasing some impressive shredding.

Hello Kitty Strats can also been seen popping up all over TikTok too:


hello kitty guitar got a pickup upgrade. #fyp #metallica

♬ Master of Puppets – Metallica

Maybe these videos are the sole reason why the Hello Kitty Strat is so sought after right now, it may well also be because they’re incredibly cool. If you want to get your hands on one, most prices start around the £400 mark. Check out for more.

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