Rick Beato finally gives a tour of his studio: “There’s actually about 20 feet behind the camera – where all the secret stuff is”

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Producer and YouTube personality Rick Beato has finally given a tour of his impressive studio, revealing racks of Les Pauls and a mighty collection of pedals.

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Fans on YouTube have been hoping for a full tour for quite some time, and in the video Beato confirms that his backdrop wall of amps is in fact not a greenscreen like some have questioned. In the video he gives a look into his collection of guitars, pedals, amps and computer setup.

Just a couple of minutes in, Beato talks through his rack of Les Paul guitars stating, “There’s six different Les Pauls here, the front one, the red one is a Les Paul Deluxe with mini humbuckers, that’s from 1972. Then you have my Pelham Blue Les Paul, that’s a standard.” Beato has his own signature model also in this finish, which he showed on its own individual stand.

He continued, “I have a white custom Les Paul that you see Randy Rhoads or Lindsey Buckingham play, [I] love that guitar that’s from 1990 then after that its a re-issued gold top that has P90 pick ups in it, my favourite. Then I have a good old 1959 Les Paul – it’s not a real one, it’s a reissue with a flame top then my old school Les Paul classic with the snot green fret markers.”

He then took a brisk look over his pedals which boats the likes of Boss, Marshall, Danelectro, Electro-Harmonix and more before giving a tour of the drum room and eventually giving the grand reveal of what’s behind his piano which he says is where “all the secret stuff is.”

Behind there lies a collection of combo amps from Vox, Fender, Gibson and Marshall. The video shows a variety of before and after shots of the studio and commenters on YouTube were impressed by the work that has gone into developing the space, one wrote, “The stark change in audio quality when walking from the garage to the control room is amazing. Of course it’s nothing surprising but it’s evidence of a really well built studio.”

You can watch the full studio tour below:

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