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The most cutting-edge audio recorder on the market. The Zoom H8 Field Recorder is a portable handheld recorder featuring an X/Y unidirectional microphone for capturing immersive audio recordings. The Zoom H8 features three app-driven modes for optimising the recorder for various recording applications. For example using the Podcast mode the H8 will provide you with sound pads that you can use to trigger Sound FX jingles and more. It also features a large LCD touchscreen display which you can use to easily navigate between modes settings and parameters. Swap and change between different microphones using the next-generation capsule system. There are six capsules available (sold separately) so you can adapt to any recording situations. The wide range of connections allows you to use the Zoom H8 as a multi-channel audio interface – perfect for recording music. It also comes complete with Cubase LE and WaveLab Cast to get you recording and editing straight out of the box.


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