Vox Mini Superbeetle Audio Bluetooth Speaker Black


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For playlists that include Taylor Swift to Slipknot and Billie Eilish to Steel Panther. Whatever your jam the Vox Mini Superbeetle Audio will blast it to perfection. Never be tied down at a party. You can connect to this slick speaker through Bluetooth leaving you free to mingle; simply shuffle your sweet playlist let the Superbeetle entertain and go enjoy the company of your guests. It looks small but this mini speaker is equipped with all the right gadgets to produce a surprisingly powerful sound including a one-inch tweeter a 6.5-inch woofer and a 50W output. And if thats not enough you can show off your guitar skills when the time calls thanks to the guitar input. Mastering your instruments output is simple with gain tone and volume controls. Splash some life into your event. Designed to blend in. The Superbeetle is just as useful when youre alone chilling in your room. With a super sleek amp design it will fit into the decor of any room in the house seamlessly blending in with your lifestyle. It doesnt matter if youre a rock God an easy listener a dance guru or a hybrid of genres. Hear your favourite tunes in a premium way. The right way.


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