SKB iSeries 1813-5 Waterproof Laptop Case


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Take your laptop with you wherever you go? Worried about its safety? Dont be. Not with the SKB iSeries 1813-5 Waterproof Laptop Case. Your laptop will be wrapped up in protective shell so tight and possessive nothing will harm what you love most. Waterproof and dust tight the 1813-5 Laptop Case protects your belongings from water and impact damage dust corrosion and fungus. Nothings getting in. The state your laptops in when you put it in is the state youll be taking it out in. The base features a recessed foam cutout which accommodates cables a power supply and other accessories for extra reliable storage options. Everything is where you need it. A removable hook and loop work space with corner cleats to mount your laptop even allows you to work on it wherever you go. The 1813-5 Laptop Case? Truly safe. Truly portable.


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