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Welcome to Rockschool Guitar Grade 6: The Pro Perspective

This innovative video course challenges you to be the best guitarist and musician you can be, whatever your level.

MusicGurus and Rockschool have assembled a team of top pro guitarists to provide unique lessons on 6 pieces written specifically for this grade, as well as give an in-depth analysis of all the fundamental skills, and invaluable advice on sight-reading, feel, developing authentic vocabulary, playing musically, practising effectively and building your technique.

With the MusicGurus video player, you can loop and slow-down all the performances and demonstrations, so this course will allow you to see exactly what the pros are doing. If you’re a student taking a graded exam, this course is the ideal preparation. And if you’re a teacher teaching Rockschool this course will provide all kinds of ideas to keep your lessons fresh and authentic.

Pre-requisite: This course is most effective when paired with a Rockschool Grade Book. Which you can purchase HERE.

Here is some information on the guitarists you’ll learn from.

  • Stuart Ryan is an award-winning musician, regarded as one of the UK’s finest acoustic/electric guitarists.
  • Rob Luft is an award-winning 24-year-old musician from London and has been described as one of the UK’s most prominent and talented young contemporary jazz guitarists.
  • Charlie Griffiths is adept at heavy metal, touring with his critically acclaimed progressive metal band, Haken. He’s also written for Total Guitar, Guitar Techniques, and Guitar World for over ten years.
  • Marcus Bonfanti is a blues and country guitarist, who’s collaborated with legends such as Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Ronnie Wood, Dave Gilmour, just to name a few.
  • James Barratt is a master technician and guitar educator – experienced examiner for Rockschool exam board and teacher at BIMM in Birmingham focusing on Essential Styles and Live Performance.

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