Radial PZ-DI Instrument DI Box


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The Radial PZ-DI Instrument DI Box is designed specifically for acoustic and orchestral instruments. The PZ-DI enables you to correctly match the input impedance to the source for optimization of the frequency response and dynamics. No matter what type of pickup you are using the PZ-DI delivers smoother and more musically pleasing results. The 3-position load adjustment switch can be toggled between 1 meg-Ohm 220k-Ohm and an ultra-high 10 meg-Ohm ideal for Piezo equipped instruments. The PZ-DI also features a fully variable high-pass filter and a switchable low-pass filter allowing you to achieve a smoother and more natural tone. This feature-packed DI box also incorporates an innovative DC to DC switching supply that converts the phantom power to deliver extra headroom and a 180 degree polarity reverse switch for taming hot spots on stage. This ground breaking direct box can instantly adapt to all types of pickups making it ideal for a huge variety of applications. *PLEASE NOTE: Graphs displaying the performance of the Radial PZ-DI can be viewed via the PDF file below.


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