Radial JD6 Six-Channel Rackmount DI Unit


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The Radial JD6 Six-Channel Rackmount DI Unit provides you with a rackmountable high-performance direct box solution perfectly suited to both live and studio applications. Equipped with premium Jensen audio transformers and MuMETAL shielding the JD6 utilises the same exceptional audio signal path as the world-renowned industry-standard JDI. The JD6 is capable of handling extreme signal levels without distortion whilst the front and rear panels feature a wealth of connectivity options for a wide selection of routing choices. The unit is completely passive requiring no external power to operate whilst ensuring that hum and buzz is completely eliminated thanks to galvanic isolation from the inputs to the outputs. The JD6 is perfect for use with everything from keyboards and drum machines to electronic drums bass guitars CD players and computers. With such a diverse array of features and and options the JD6 vows to be one of the finest rack DI units available.


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