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The Orange Crush Mini Combo is the latest battery powered amplifier from Orange that delivers real Orange looks and sound in a tiny package. The Crush Mini is the ideal practice amp for a grab-and-go performance. It is loaded with a handy chromatic tuner and headphone output letting you play silently. The amp can be battery powered for taking outdoors and features 3 watts of tone. It has volume/shape/gain controls so you can get a wide range of sounds; everything from clean to distortion. The auxiliary input lets you play along with your favourite songs while the speaker output lets you connect an external speaker cabinet – even a full-blown 4×12 Orange cab! This is a great little package for those who need a grab-and-go solution for getting amplified. Whether youre warming up backstage practising at home or jamming on the beach – the Orange Crush Mini is ready to go wherever you go.


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