Numark Mixtrack Pro FX with Serato DJ Upgrade


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Take your mixing and scratching to the next level. The Numark Mixtrack Pro FX with Serato DJ Pro combines the versatile Mixtrack Pro FX DJ controller with the innovative control of Serato DJ Pro. The Numark Mixtrack Pro FX DJ Controller has all the necessary elements to make you a world-class DJ. At the heart of the Pro FX lies a 24-bit 4-deck digital controller designed to provide you with unparalleled sound quality. Performance is made easy by the Pro FXs 16 multi-functional performance pads. It even features onboard FX allowing you to create exciting transitions with ease. Unlock your DJ creativity with Seratos innovative features such as sampling beatjump cues loops and loop rolls and smooth every mix off with its high-quality FX. With the lowest latency in the market Serato DJ is one you can rely on.


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