Music Theory for a Digital Age


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Music Theory for a Digital Age is a foundation course in music theory created and taught by lecturer, author and composer Dr Michael Hewitt.

The course offers a comprehensive foundation in musical theory, both in terms of Western musical traditions and the theory underlying the process of modern methods of musical production.

On this course, you will learn conventional music theory, but you will also learn the vital knowledge you need to be able to thrive in a digital environment. So come and join me and participate in my course Music Theory for a Digital Age.

By doing so you will benefit from the wealth of experience I bring to the course as a:

· Former head of both Music Technology and Creative Media college Departments.

· University tutor of classical music harmony, music history, counterpoint and composition.

· Author of best-selling music textbooks used in universities all around the world.

· Working professional in the music industry.

· Composer of music for films and TV.

· Composer of modern classical music working to commission.