Mackie MP-320 In-Ear Monitors


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Premium performance professional design. The Mackie MP-320 In-Ear Monitors bring next-level listening directly to your ears. With a triple dynamic driver configuration combined with a precision 3-way crossover you can hear every single detail of your sound with astounding precision across their entire 20Hz-20kHz frequency range. And you can listen completely undisturbed too. With a vast selection of included ear tips in various shapes and sizes you can find the perfect fit with ease allowing you to take advantage of up to 40dB of complete sound isolation. Perfect for monitoring and listening in loud environments. The IEM enclosures themselves feature an ergonomically moulded low-profile design providing outstanding comfort with a maximised bass response. These are IEMs that you can wear on stage or on the street for as long as you want without having to worry about fatigue. And all without sacrificing sound quality.


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