Laney LA15C 5w 2×5 Acoustic Combo


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The Laney LA15C LA 15W 2×5 Acoustic Combo is a simple to use and portable acoustic instrument amplifier that delivers great tone and ease-of use. Featuring a 3-band EQ the LA15C allows you to sculpt your tone to exactly how you like it while the added Shape control provides simple one-button enhancement of your electro-acoustic guitar tone. A chorus effect is included which adds a thicker sound to your overall tone. The LA15C includes an AUX-in to allow you to plug-in and play along with your favourite tracks while the headphone output allows for silent playing and is ideal for those late night practice sessions. The LA15C is a compact and lightweight amplifier with great tone and good-looks; it is ideal as a practice amp or as an easy grab-and-go solution.


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